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Dot Com Monopoly

In Nov 2000, Hasbro released Monopoly: The .com Edition. The board game came just in time for Christmas—and the dot-com bubble bursting. By the end of that year, the Nasdaq had lost more than half its peak value. Not to

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Why only dot coms?

One of the most frequent questions I am asked as a domain name buff, and the CEO of a company that deals “dot com” is: Why only dot coms? Why not embrace the gTLDs and deal in premium gTLD names?

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Domain name brands available

Ever wished you could get that domain name of your dreams but its already taken. Don’t despair. NameStrap is a branding agency which specializes in bringing already acquired and registered domain names and makes them available to the general public

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Posted in Domain Name News Premium Domains Premium Domains Dream brandable keyword niche short dot com domain names freshly available to the public! These days finding an awesome domain name can be so frustrating. NameStrap takes the stress out of the equation by helping you get

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