Why only dot coms?

One of the most frequent questions I am asked as a domain name buff, and the CEO of a company that deals “dot com” is:

Why only dot coms? Why not embrace the gTLDs and deal in premium gTLD names?

While there are a truckload of new extensions coming out, nothing will ever replace dot com and heres why:

1) Dot com consists of nearly 80% of the legit domain name market. True the figures for .net (about 10%- which is the highest contender in the USA), do show that users take the extension seriously, the lack of a higher contender also shows that since 2000 where .net, .info and .org have been steadily available, the majority of the market chose to ignore the extensions and vie with Com.

2) Statistics aside; Lets say you went with a gTLD and got popular. You would *need* the dot com in order to ensure that people could locate you. Plenty of users do and always will type in dot com to get where they are going. Additional gTLD wont change that engrained behavior.


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